Worked with administration to enhance current scheduling practices of clinic setting. Managed multiple system disease cases including hypertension, CAD, CHF, diabetes, ESRD, and cancer. Reviewed medical records to facilitate the accurate representation of the severity of illness. Generated incident reports and posted to OSHA log for determination. Served on congestive heart failure and substance abuse collaborative groups aimed at improving care to these patient populations. Performed injections, IV therapy, EKG's and UV light therapy per MD order. Recommended improvements regarding scheduling issues, delegation, prioritization, safety and patient care plans. Performed IV starts, sheath pulls, peripheral extremity checks, medication administration, and general comfort measures. Maintained North Clinic Diabetes Registry. Provided members with Diabetes education at health fairs. Conducted complete evaluation of inpatient medical records for patient care. Provided clinical and technical assistance to RNs, LPNs and CNAs on a Medical/Surgical unit. Ensured smooth collaboration with other members of the care management to advocate for patients and families in the health care continuum. Skilled in bedside monitoring, ACLS, PALS, 12-lead EKG, moderate sedations, burns and critical care. Facilitated and maintained effective interpersonal relationships between physicians, nurses and ancillary departments to ensure patient well-being. Followed all hospital protocols and procedures related to infection control. Called patients to report lab results and any changes ordered by provider, answering any questions regarding diagnostic values. Developed and implemented education and training for the EMR and CPOE to staff and physicians. Served as a liaison for consumers between agency medical staff, case managers and the medical community. Assisted providers to ensure all Diabetes Standards of Care were addressed. Provided training seminars on clinical documentation, and care plan development. Indirect Care skill. Provided patient education including pain management, infection control, and catheter care. Provided care to oncology patients during all phases of treatment. Conducted nursing assessments and delivered safe and appropriate care to approximately 700 students and staff members. Initiated and followed up in a timely manner with necessary procedure and test requests, prescription refills, and test results. Provided nursing care to patients in the acute care units. Administered chemotherapy, assisted with stem cell collections, and provided patient and family education regarding bone marrow transplant process. Samuel Johns is a career adviser and in-house resume expert on the RG team. Reviewed and analyzed information and data regarding quality for the medical staff and other clinical departments. Rotated to Pre-Op and PACU when needed. Worked closely with three orthopedic surgeons to provide care and perform procedures in the clinic setting. Performed in office EKG's on adults and straight catheterization on infants and children upon doctors order. Notified patient of test results, includes counseling and/or direction to patient based on physician/healthcare provider consultation or office protocol. Worked with psychiatrist and social workers to provide care for patients in the partial hospital program. Conducted vital signs, delivered wound care with application of dressings as well as teaching to family regarding wound care. Achieved and maintained BLS, ACLS, PALS certifications. Researched and provided input for multiple hospital EMR documents/order sets. . Worked on the Medical/Surgical unit in a hospital performing all nursing related functions. Provided emergency care in a community hospital setting to pediatrics, adults and geriatric patients. Identified charging, coding, or clinical documentation issues and worked with ancillary departments to resolve issues. Experienced with the intricacies of Worker's Compensation, Disability, and Infection Control Practices, and Intake Coordination. Assisted physicians with exams and minor surgeries in an outpatient OB/GYN clinic setting. Provided telephone triage for patients experiencing chest pain, hypertension, heart failure, and cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator device problems. Evaluated and Supervised all nursing care provided by field staff members. Functioned as Staff Nurse in Pain Management. Nurses often look to their nurse leader for guidance. Executed SOP to successfully maintain safety and security of patients and medical staff. Provided patient care, monitoring, conscious sedation and circulated in procedures. Delegated to and supervised LVNs and medical assistants. Or, you could work in a health clinic and provide care to all types of patients. Served as OSHA compliance officer and safety committee member. Clinical Skills combines competency management with over 1,400 evidence-based skills and procedures, creating a powerful resource for nurses Focused patient population was those undergoing complex urological surgical procedures such as urinary diversions and neobladders. Verified, requested, and updated physician orders for patients. Provided care and education to patients with coronary heart diseases. is owned and operated by Sonaga Tech Limited, Hamilton, Zweigniederlassung Luzern with offices in Luzern Switzerland. Performed nursing functions in pre-op and PACU for cardiac catheterization lab. Administered medication and monitored students with diagnoses such as asthma and diabetes. The ability to make logical, reason-based decisions is crucial for nurses. Trained in triage, trauma, stroke, cardiac and receiving all necessary certifications. Reviewed and improved BH policies to JACHO and CMS standards of care. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Clinic Registered Nurse. Coordinated communication between hospital discharge planners, social workers, physicians and the SNC Admissions Department. Coordinated conferences, meetings, ACLS Trainings, educations events, EBOLA training and Orientation of New Hires. Cared for oncology patients and complex medical patients. Collaborated with providers/Case Managers/ancillary staff and outside agencies to provide high quality care. Completed head to toe assessments, monitored vital signs, performed sterile dressing changes, and performed suctioning and tracheotomy care. Here's how RN is used in Clinic Registered Nurse jobs: Here's how Patient Care is used in Clinic Registered Nurse jobs: Here's how BLS is used in Clinic Registered Nurse jobs: Here's how Health Care is used in Clinic Registered Nurse jobs: Here's how Acute Care is used in Clinic Registered Nurse jobs: Here's how Heart is used in Clinic Registered Nurse jobs: Here's how Acls is used in Clinic Registered Nurse jobs: Here's how General Surgery is used in Clinic Registered Nurse jobs: Here's how Medical Staff is used in Clinic Registered Nurse jobs: Here's how Treatment Plans is used in Clinic Registered Nurse jobs: Career Details for a Clinic Registered Nurse, Best States for a Clinic Registered Nurse, Top Salaries for a Clinic Registered Nurse. Acted as primary neurological reference person for medical assistants. Be specific by including the number of people you led and your achievements as a leader. You should use your resume to specify the types of people you have experience communicating with, including superiors, peers, and patients. Assisted and ensured JCAHO compliance and satisfactory survey results and program reviews. Certified BLS Instructor and PALS Instructor. This is because each nurse can be given many patients to look after at a time, so it is better if the nurse remains prepared for shouldering all the responsibilities. Monitored and promptly treated surgical, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy complications including pain management, infection, and drug reactions. If you work in a hospital, you might work with one type of patient. Managed daily nursing operations of Multi-Speciality Patient Care Unit, including staffing and payroll. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Clinic Registered Nurse resumes they appeared on. Fostered positive relationships with staff and patient families, while withstanding the rigors of a demanding ICU setting. Demonstrated leadership in delivering and improving holistic care in an outpatient clinic setting. Supervised 8-10 MA's and RN's in a telehealth setting serving patients with type 2 diabetes. Managed scheduling, staff education, patient care and procedures for the clinic. Coordinated and facilitated four nursing programs in an acute care hospital. Sometimes an outpatient department may only have one nurse. Each day brings unique challenges for a nurse. They work under doctors and registered nurses (RNs) in medical offices, hospitals, and health care facilities. Educated patients and family members on disease processes, medication regimen and infection control techniques. Conducted post-operative calls to all spine patients to assess pain, neurological and infection control. 65,200 Clinic Nurse jobs available on Assisted in quality assessment and performance monitoring of surgical equipment, infection control, and supply cost. Updated and maintained Quality Control Records that included: Policy and Procedures, MSD Manual, OSHA, and HIPPA. Prepared patients for surgical procedures, radiology procedures and gastroenterology procedures. Clinic nurses should have at least an associate degree in nursing, along with certification and the following skills: Medical Assessment – Clinic nurses perform patient intake and assessment, which includes measuring patient health and wellness, both through direct observation and by conducting medical tests and evaluations Served as office staff nurse to internal medicine physician. Delegated and assigned tasks to licensed and unlicensed staff members within the scope of their job responsibilities. Obtained EKG's, halter monitors and assisted with stress tests. Coordinated the delivery of care to post-surgical patients, monitored patient progress, and developed collaborative treatment plans. Managed trauma staff education/training, annual competencies, and maintained JCAHO and ACS requirements. Implemented UM Observation monitoring program for company across state o f Florida Utilization Management. Collaborated with physicians and other team members to ensure appropriate delivery of patient care and patient satisfaction. Completed EKG s, lab draws, and peripheral IV placements. Assisted with maintaining current treatments and medication administration. Educated patients on proper medication administration. If you have time, a quick review would really make our day (it'll only take 15 seconds). Attended in-service training for ACLS, CPR, administering chemotherapy, IV management, Handled medication administration, pain management, administration of blood products. Planned and delivered comprehensive education based on physical and psycho/social needs during inpatient stay including plans for discharge. PICC/Central Line management and EKG. Utilized leadership skills in the charge nurse role, expressed my passion for learning through participation in the unit education team. Educated patients and family members on maintaining health and wellness, managed medical records, and investigated resident fall incidents. Provided care for acute and chronic ICU, telemetry, medical-surgical, orthopedic, and pediatric patients. Documented and assessed patient condition and had a viable patient care plan available for medical staff. Followed universal infection control procedures. Provided chemotherapy and symptom management for the adult oncology patient population. That means that in some instances, registered nurses (RNs) may be expected to make certain calls based on their own opinion and analysis. That’s why critical thinking skills are important in the nursing profession. Worked in telemetry unit to provide care for patients with acute, chronic and terminal illnesses. Consulted with Doctor on abnormal lab results. Ensured regulatory compliance with CMS guidelines and coordinate medical management aspects of clinical review requests from numerous payor sources. Provided medical/surgical care to inmates on the contracted Orange County jail unit in an acute care setting. Experienced and certified to provide care and administer chemotherapy to Oncology patients. Administered conscious sedation and assisted with anesthesia administered during Transesophageal echo on a regular basis. Reviewed test results, pathology and operative reports with physician. Read the job description closely and keep track of the keywords used so you can include them in your resume. Demonstrated a high level of dedication providing patient care, education and support and elicited patient/family participation to strengthen positive outcomes. Handled all HR needs such as: hiring, orientation, termination, evaluations, OSHA standards and training. Interacted with commercial insurance companies to ascertain actual patient cost for Long-Term Acute Care treatment. Selected to provide direct patient care and assist in reopening surgery clinic operations after hurricane Katrina. Completed all staff education pertaining to the direct care provided by staff and ADL documentation. Reviewed medicare claims for medical necessity using CMS guidelines and referring to Regional Medical Director as needed. While more autonomy can be empowering for nurses, the absence of collegial support can present a challenge. Monitored and evaluated complex cardiac and general surgery patients both pre- and post-surgery. Performed case management duties in the Telemetry unit. Performed various lab tests, including EKGs. And it’s often said that nurses are born, not made. Among the most important are the abilities to manage time effectively, and to remain professional in sensitive situations. Administered conscious sedation during some procedures. Worked as a Clinical Documentation Specialist at the Torrance location. Worked in conjunction with administration to improve HEDIS scores and comply with Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations. Performed telephone triage to the general pediatric population and special needs population. Functioned in charge nurse role to coordinate patient, employee, and physician satisfaction. Page 1 of 12,455 jobs. They have to be patient and empathetic towards both patients and patients’ families. This is a growing occupation with a high rate of job openings, because of the aging of the baby boomer generation. Coordinated hospital and outpatient care of cardiovascular and thoracic surgical patients for five surgeons. Prepared for and underwent JCAHO and CMS inspection / review. Collected patient history and assembled medical records. For example, 16.3% of Clinic Registered Nurse resumes contained RN as a skill. Improved treatment plan implementation by enhancing internal staff communication. Experienced in Stroke, Cardiac, Hypothermic protocols, and conscious sedation. Developed post operative heart valve educational material. Documented all care, administered medications, reported patient progress and provided patient and family education. supervised the LPN's and the technicians. Communicated with house supervisor, L&D charge nurse and staff to develop quality improvement strategies. Assisted with ophthalmic laser and pain management procedures and all Lasik Implemented the nursing process and taught behavioral objectives in personal and professional development. If you’re feeling more confident about using nursing resume skills and are curious about how to get the rest of your resume up to scratch, consider learning how to write a nursing resume objective. Floated to a variety of specialty care clinics including internal medicine and allergy medicine. It is divided in to units and chapters. Provided nursing care on Medical/Surgical, Orthopedic, Pediatric, and Obstetrics/Gynecology units. Effective communication skills are important for nurses, as you will need to accurately convey crucial details to doctors and support staff while being prepared to discuss sensitive matters and translate technical medical language into plain English for patients and their families. performance measures for inpatient quality improvement. Performed critical thinking and nursing duties in the ICU and rotating to the ED. Acted as a patient/family advocate to ensure health care services are delivered in an ethical and culturally sensitive manner. Established work procedures and schedules to keep track of the daily activities, CPR and ACLS check-offs, Orientation, Audits. Worked as a staff nurse on an adult medicine/telemetry unit. Ensured physician had all test results and medical information needed, facilitating comprehensive and effective patient appointments. Started a telephonic triage system, wrote all policy and procedures for the practice and the triage process. Used ICD-10 codes to bill insurance providers and interacted with physicians and assistants to ensure accuracy for Medicaid/Medicare billing. Reviewed inpatient medical records for appropriate documentation to ensure coding compliance. Collaborated and provided care in fast-paced clinical setting. Conducted analysis of current treatment plans. Aided management in ensuring JCAHO readiness. Obtained pertinent medical information from patients needed to properly assess and complete medical histories. Reviewed medical care and services based on CMS and Humana coverage guidelines. Checked in patients, checked their vital signs and prepared them for their visit. Scheduled cath lab and surgical procedures. Delivered direct patient care to adult oncology clients, as well as involvement in breast screening for women. But there is much more to nursing than clinical expertise, and in fact, soft skills can be just as important as strong clinical skills to achieve success. Worked closely with family and medical staff towards care plan goals. Learning and improving clinical skills among new nurses is easy by watching nursing skills videos online. Certified Training Specialist in clinical Documentation. Then, head over to our easy-to-use resume builder and create your personalized nursing resume in mere minutes. Employed as a Clinical Unit Coordinator on ACE (Acute Care for the Elderly) Unit. Provided trauma, emergency and obstetrical surgical emergency nursing care. Developed treatment plans with clinic Medical Director. Collected, compiled, and evaluated data, providing reports to the leadership, Infection Control Department and the CDC. Recorded and reported detailed data and medical records on a daily basis via electronic medical records. It takes a special kind of person to be a nurse—a balanced mix of intellectual and people-person. It is a supervisory role, so you must display leadership experience. Proved care to wide variety of patient population on 33-bed Cardiac/Medical-Surgical/Short Stay Unit. Provided on-call triage for patients in the home setting after business hours and saw patients as needed for any immediate problems. Provided total patient nursing care for patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting/heart valve replacements (40-bed telemetry unit). Performed Charge Nurse roles, managing nurses and working as a team to promote optimal functioning of the unit. Some clinical nurses may further their career by becoming a nurse unit manager or a clinical nurse consultant Skills and experience employers are looking for Hi there, have any of these? Ensured orientation to Electronic Medical Records system with periodic review for Understanding. Provided daily wound care for approximately 6 post-surgical patients daily for general surgery clinic. Communicated and educated physicians along with medical staff regarding appropriate documentation for the coding process. Provided pediatric assessments, monitored vital signs, and administered medications to pediatric patients. Supervised 2 medical assistants and assist 3 providers. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) perform a number of basic nursing tasks. Supervised team of RNs and LPNs in provision of home nursing care while managing administration, finances, and resources effectively. Your commitment to basic nursing skills, like professionalism and critical thinking, is as necessary as technical knowledge. Coordinated high quality patient centered care with interdisciplinary team of psychiatrist, psychologist, social workers and psychiatric technicians. Clinic nursing is also very autonomous. Delivered staff in-services related to pacemaker patient surgical procedure practice change for entire for UC Health South organization. 17405Provided direct patient care in the Trauma ICU to adult and pediatric populations. Conducted phone triage services, collected patient information and provided physician referrals. Teamwork and dependability are interpersonal skills that help nurses work together with doctors and other medical staff in a positive environment. In addition, these ICU nursing skills should be included: The emergency room (ER) can be a hectic setting, so you need to show that you’re prepared for the physical and emotional toll of being an ER nurse. Resources focus on all areas of clinical skills including technical skills, patient education skills, communication skills, cultural competency, critical thinking and decision-making skills. Trained prescribers, office staff and patients to manage A1c in adults with Type 2 diabetes and primary hyperlipidemia. Designated OSHA/Safety coordinator and EMR coordinator. Nurses are the primary source of most diagnosis in this game, so it's important to have several nurses trained up a few levels in the Diagnosis qualification to ensure quick and efficient diagnosis.
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