Frequently Asked Questions – Investors

If I want to invest “more than the maximum” in a particular Project, may I?

If you want to invest a greater amount than the maximum allowance listed at by Pioneer Capital Fund, lc, send your request via e-mail to: We will make every effort to assist you.

When I invest in a Project by lending, does Pioneer Capital Fund, lc take my funds immediately, or does the Fund wait until the total target investment is reached?

We place the funds in escrow immediately and then hold them until the funding is completed. Once the money has settled, the Fund disburses purchase monies through the Title Company at closing, and draws down construction monies as work progresses

How often will I get updates on the companies in which I invest?

Although the Sponsors are not required to provide updates at this level, we are requesting that they issue semi-annual updates to Note holders

How will you determine the value of a Project, and thus the equity ratio and projected return?

To determine the Project value and equity ratio, Pioneer Capital Fund will look at financials, Comparable projects performance, asset value as-is and after renovation, and what position in the equity stack is being offered.

Will there be any personal guarantees made by the Project Sponsors?

It's important to note there are no guarantees by the Project Sponsors to the investor. Each Project is underwritten on its own merits. When you opt to invest in a Project, you do so at your own risk.

What factors does Pioneer Capital Fund, Ic evaluate when determining if a project meets the criteria to be listed on your site?

We look at the Sponsor’s business plan, how it intends to use the funds, its profitability, the experience of the leadership team, product category, type and economic drivers, risk to investors and financials to determine whether the project is suitable for the Pioneer Capital Fund

What type of documentation will I get when I invest in a project?

Upon investment, you will receive a Note and Deed of Trust securing your interest in the property, the same security a bank gets for similar loans. In addition you gain investor access to the businesses profile page on our website, where the Project Sponsors will provide detailed projections and performance information specific to the Project (such as quarterly updates) if available

What is the difference between a sophisticated and an accredited investor?

Pioneer Capital Fund, lc defines a "sophisticated investor" as an individual whose net worth does not exceed $1 million, who has investing experience, and who can make financial decisions without others' input. An "accredited investor" is defined as an individual with a net worth of more than $1 million dollars or a minimum annual individual income of $200,000.

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