Frequently Asked Questions – Funding

How long will the funding process take?

Expect a wait of seven days to thirty days for single family and small projects. Once granted full funding, you should expect to receive funds to close within two days.

What information will I be required to provide during the evaluation process?

Your Pioneer Capital Fund, lc Advisor will analyze the project information and funding request from your application and prepare the funding report that goes to the Fund evaluation committee. Read more information on our process here.

How does Pioneer Capital Fund determine whether my Project is eligible to be listed on the site?

Pioneer Capital Fund, lc seeks projects with a low LTV (less than 70% based on After Repaired Value) which are likely to return a profit over a six month to three year period. We believe in accountability to the Project, which is why we seek to identify firms whose founders are investing their own capital in their Projects. For more on the types of investments we are looking for, read more here.

What information will be published to potential investors?

We will provide the following in the Note Offering or Private Placement Memo: The offering structure, the share structure of the Project, SEC disclosures about the shares being purchased, company information, information on company operations, risks involved with the investment, management information and use of proceeds.

When does the money from investors actually distribute to my project?

Typically 14 days after funding, Pioneer Capital Fund, lc will complete the escrow process and disburse the funds.

Will I incur any ongoing reporting requirements?

Yes. Interval reporting will be planned out to ensure the project progresses, and support can be brought if necessary

How do I “buy-back” the private equity shares that have been issued?

Our staff will help you communicate with the investors, and depending on the PPM, Pioneer Capital Fund can provide contract provisions to enable you if you wish to buy back shares at a multiple of the price the investors paid

How long will an investor be required to hold my shares?

If a Note, he can sell at any time. If a Private Placement, the requirement is one year based on SEC regulations

Who determines the value of the outstanding shares?

Pioneer Capital Fund, lc and the business will work together to determine the value of outstanding shares based on appraisals and underwriting

How do I request additional funding for my Project if needed?

We are happy to consider assisting in additional funding rounds. All you have to do is contact us at

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