Project Funding

At Pioneer Capital. Fund, lc, we are looking for value add opportunities in the US Southwest region, with preference to North Texas. Fix/sell and reposition/re-lease/refinance opportunities that need between $100,000 to $500,000 in capital. If your project required more than $500,000 in capital we can participate under certain circumstances, so we also have an investment tier for ventures raising $500,000 to $1 Million. If you have an equitable interest in a real asset with investment grade returns we are interested in looking at your project. We will look at single family, packages of single family, income property including multifamily, office and retail. Our Primary areas of interest are:

  • Single Family Buy-Fix-Sell and Buy-Fix-Lease
  • Multifamily Buy-Fix-Sell and Buy-Fix-Lease
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Infill Repositioning –Conversion of use

Bringing small ventures and Capital Investors together in an innovative way, Pioneer Capital Fund, lc will review proposed projects in a process similar to that of other private capital sources. Pioneer Capital Fund, lc will screen all prospective applications and select projects that fit a profile which includes an evaluation of suitable risk, likelihood of profitability, and willingness to give up an equity stake.

  • Fill out a preliminary funding application and submit your project details.
  • We will review it and if you are approved, your project opportunity will be listed inside the private section of our website for our Capital Partners to review and help fund.

Please go to the “about the fundraising process” page to see the detailed process you will go through for project funding.